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What is an air source heat pump unit

The air source heat pump hot water unit has become the most economical, energy-saving, safest and environmentally-friendly new generation of China heat pump manufacturing equipment in the world today. It is a power unit that efficiently collects heat and transports energy and absorbs air energy to produce hot water. It consists of compressors, evaporators, air heat exchangers, water heat exchangers, expanders, pressure accumulator tanks, condensers, water storage tanks, fans, and other components. It uses the principle of inverse Carnot cycle to do work through electric energy-driven compressors. Makes the working fluid in the closed pipeline produce a cyclic physical phase change (gas-liquid-gas), and uses this cyclic phase change process to continuously absorb heat and release heat. The working medium has an air heat exchanger to draw heat from the air to the water. The heat exchanger heats the cold water to make hot water. The output heat energy of the air source heat pump unit can reach three to four times more than the input power.


The air source heat pump hot water unit uses air as the heat source, is not limited by sunlight, does not require lighting area, is simple in structure, reliable in operation, and has an obvious energy-saving effect. It can be used in all areas in all weather conditions. The energy-saving efficiency of air source heat pump is closely related to the environmental protection temperature. In the low-temperature environment of 0-5°C, the heat pump has a 50% energy saving rate; in the 15-25°C environment, the heat pump has an energy saving rate of over 70%. Under different operating conditions, the heat pump hot water unit can absorb 2-6 kWh of heat energy from the low-temperature heat source for every 1 kWh of electricity consumed. The energy-saving effect is very significant.

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